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Health guru has tried most of these products with good results.  When buying herbs, be aware that cheaper is not always better.  Some super cheap herbs are toxic, grown with little or no oversight.  Organic is almost always better.  Once you choose your product, click on it and you will be directed to the store for purchase.  Thank you for your business.

Disclaimer: This page contains affiliate links which means I will earn a small commission if you buy through the link ( No extra cost to you). This helps to keep the site running.


Active Stem

Supports and boosts your own stem cell production. A blueberry flavored powdered tea with L-Leucine and L- Carnosine.
Manufactured by LCR Health:
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Stem Cell Restore

Boosts stem cell production. Includes grape seed extract and black currant. Buy here.

Aloe Vera fresh inner gel

Aloe Vera Barbadensis aka ‘Medicinal Aloe’ inner gel is great for cuts, scrapes and sunburn when fresh. Also can be taken internally for digestive healing and immune system boost – in a smoothie. Can be grown easily in most climates. Ask at your local nursery. Only use freshly cut as the super healing qualities of the clear inner gel diminishes within hours of cutting, unless freeze dried immediately.

Alpha GPC

Improves memory and concentration. Similar to Ps but works a little differently. Occurs naturally in our brains… supplementation improves thinking. Overuse can result in a headache.  Buy it here.


Medicago Sativa.  Provides minerals, vitamins & chlorophyl. Great for digestion, blood and kidneys. Helps with arthritis. Lowers cholesterol. Buy it here.

American Ginseng

Canadian and N American Ginseng. Originally used by Native Americans. Gives energy, strength, immune boost and anti-aging.  Boosts vigor and vitality.  Buy here.


Amino acid for building protein and muscle.  Also good for migraines. Relaxes blood vessels and helps muscles. Buy here.


Indian Ginseng (from India) Good for thyroid & adrenal glands, muscles. Helps with stress, reduces fatigue, good for arthritis. Buy here.


Astragalus Root, also known as Mongholicus boosts the immune system and strength.  Anti-inflammatory, helps respiratory system. Anti-aging. Buy here.

A vitamin

Helps the immune system, eyesight, bones, organs, skin and good for acne.  Buy here.


Also spelled Axathanthin.  Great for improving vision.  Its a powerful anti-oxidant that gives energy and is good for the skin.  Buy here.


Beet Powder

Super Beets is a concentrated beet powder. Beets and beet powder are great for the liver, stamina and strength. Popular with athletes. Improves performance. Buy now.
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Way too many benefits to list entirely.  Contains B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, Folic Acid. Good for fatigue, gives you energy. Also helps the brain. Buy here. 


Helps vision especially at night. Proven by the US military to improve vision for pilots. A strong anti-oxidant that removes toxins. Lowers blood pressure, good for heart. Buy here.

Biotin / Vitamin B7

Used by hairstylists to grow hair and nails.  Also gives you energy.  Improves skin and good for the heart. Try these easy to eat gummies: Buy here.

Black Walnut

Other name:  Juglans Nigra.  Gets rid of parasites and good for the heart.  Use with cloves to eliminate intestinal parasites.  Use carefully according to directions.


Boldu, Peumus. Aids with digestion and upset stomach. Helps the immune system and liver.  Hispanics and people in South America use this extensively by making a tea out of the leaves.


Detoxes the lymph, something everyone should do once in awhile. Also good for digestion and the blood.  Good for heavy metal detox, and good for the skin. (toxic metals include lead, mercury, arsenic & cadmium). Inexpensive and easy to use. Buy here.


Cats Claw

Good for digestion and strength. Also DNA repair. Helps with arthritis. Anti-aging.

Chanca Piedra

Crush Stone is the English translation from Spanish.  Chanca Piedra is an amazing remedy for kidney stones.  I used it and in one day my stone passed.  Many swear by it.  Also, a little lime juice daily helps keep the stones away.  Buy some here.


One of the most complete superfoods you can eat, Chlorella aids the heart, liver and blood, helps diabetics, supports good intestinal flora and contains protein.  It also detoxifies heavy metals (which you generally don’t want). It increases red blood count and accelerates healing. Click here.


Builds joint tissue and cartilage.  An excellent supplement for sore joints, knees and back. Use with MSM for joint support. Buy here.


Kills parasites and the eggs.  Mix 10 clove buds into oatmeal and cook for 10 minutes, then chew and eat with the oatmeal. Repeat for several days.  Find them in the spice section of the grocery store.

Co-Enzyme Q-10

Helps with metabolism and energy delivery to cells.  Its an anti-oxidant as well. Buy here.


Helps build muscles quickly. Used extensively in muscle builders protein powders, its good for seniors who have trouble keeping muscle. Also good for anyone wishing to increase their muscle mass. There are side effects from over-use.



Yes, those yellow flowered plants that grow in your lawn and garden wild are a medicinal herb with many many health benefits. For better digestion put the leaves in your salad. It contains chlorophyl like any dark leafed vegetable which cleanses the blood. The root is dried and ground then sold as an herbal supplement to aid the stomach and liver. Also good for diabetics. The root also has a diuretic effect. Easy to grow as well. Buy the tea or capsules here:


I’ve tried all kinds of ‘help u digest’ products and this Indian Ayurvedic digestion aid formula is good!  It contains a whole bunch of herbs I cannot pronounce.  What matters is that it seems to work well on all kinds of food.  All you do is take a tablet when you start eating – simple.  Get it in Little India, Los Angeles, or easier right here:


Wild Mexican Yam or Dioscorea is a pre-cursor hormone production booster that will give you more energy and help you feel younger.  Women lose weight with it, Men increase their testosterone levels and feel younger overall. Buy it here.

D Vitamin

Helps maintain good bone and muscle strength, supports the immune system and fights infections including viruses.



Also known as Coneflower. It boosts the immune response and alleviates pain. Take it regularly to resist infection. If you get sick, switch to Oregano Oil for one day and try other products that boost the immune system. Works well with Goldenseal. Buy here:

Elderberry / Sambucus

An anti-viral berry syrup that fights virus infection. A great first line of defense against illness and tastes good too. Anti-inflammatory, helps headache and the kidneys.  Keep it handy in a small bottle or gel caps.  Buy here.

Eleuthero / Siberian Ginseng

Overall strength and vigor, anti-aging, stamina and  immune boost.  A bit different than American Ginseng.  Don’t take it for more than a week at a time.

E Vitamin

Immune booster, good for the blood, healing, heart and brain.  Accelerates the healing of skin. Helps the immune system.



F Vitamin

Ever heard of Vitamin F? Its good for the glands and hormones. Get it in fish, veggies and nuts like Brazil nuts, pecans and sunflower seeds.

Fish Oil

Great for the heart, brain and eyes.  



Genacol is a great product for rebuilding soft tissue and cartilige while you sleep. It helps sore knees and other joint problems. Buy it here:


Immune booster, assists digestion, wake up on a cold day.  Anti-inflammatory and helpful with women’s issues.  You can buy it raw in the market (its a root) in powdered form in the spice isle and in handy ‘Ginger Chews’ which go wherever you go, here.


For energy, anti-aging.  Good for the liver.  Feel younger. Buy here.

Grape Seed Extract

Anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, helps joints, arteries and the heart.  Great for mens prostate issues. Buy now.



Aids digestion and heart muscle.


Human Growth Hormone.  Good for rebuilding tissue, muscle.  Can have side effects like intense emotions, ie: anger when taken in large doses. Not recommended long term.


Also called Paddock-Pipes. Good for bones, hair and nails. A diuretic. Curbs urinary urges, swelling, and bladder issues.  Buy here.


Iodine / Kelp

Iodine helps with thyroid function. Gives energy. Good for goiter. Also good for the body cells in general. Kelp is a natural source of iodine, here:



An Asian healing herb for type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart. Try it here:


K Vitamin

K, K-1, K-2, K-3 are great for bones and heart, anti-aging (K2). Important for blood clotting from injury. Found in Kale, Natto (Japanese fermented soybean) and other veggies like cabbage, brussel sprouts and onions. You can also buy the supplement here:

Kelp / Wakame

A great source of Iodine for thyroid support.  Rich in vitamins, amino acids, minerals and protein.



Supports brain health, Good for heavy metal detox and gall bladder support, liver. Enhances athletic performance. Lowers cholesterol. Found in eggs and sunflower seeds. You can get the higher concentrated supplement here:

Lion’s Mane

Great for the brain.  Stimulates nerve re-growth, healing, and good for ulcers.  Buy capsules here.


An amino acid that improves mood.  Anti-aging.  Buy here.



Enzyme activator, helps the blood. Boosts the immune system, helps bones and connective tissue. Often found in bone and mineral supplements such as Bone-Up. Buy some here:


A good sleep aid and anti-aging supplement. Melatonin is manufactured in our bodies to help with our sleep cycles, and sometimes we need extra. Try it here.

Mexican Wild Yam

Mexican Wild Yam or Dioscorea is a hormone precursor or hormone booster that feeds our hormone production system.  Anti-aging. Buy here.



Neem Leaf

A favorite in India for skin, muscle ache..
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Oregano Oil

An excellent antibiotic and antiviral oil that really works to knock out infections fast.
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Pau d' Arco

An antibacterial and anti-yeast herb from the bark of a South American tree. Drink the tea to keep Candida yeast in check.
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Aff Link ------------ Pycnogenol is an extremely powerful antioxidant that counters oxidative stress and increases the activity of vitamin C, glutathione, and other antioxidants. Addressing oxidative stress before it starts allows blood vessels to function optimally. At varying dosages, Pycnogenol supports the health of your skin, eyes, ears, and joints, and aids in normal cognitive, sexual, circulatory, and vascular function.




An ionophore that helps Zinc and other minerals pass through cell walls to protect cells from the inside out against infection. Good for the immune system. Anti-inflammatory, anti-aging.



Reishi Mushroom

An Asian favorite, like Ginseng, for strength, immune system...
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Saw Palmettow

Great for Mens prostate support.
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An amino acid
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Good for the brain, enhances memory.
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Walnut Black

Black Walnut is good for lowering cholesterol, and as a concentrate, for removing parasites.
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A powerful antiseptic that is also good for gastro-intestinal issues. Drinking the tea mellows the mood - good for anxiety.
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Great for the eyes. A carotenoid alcohol. Like Gac fruit, it helps protect and improve eyesight with its powerful antioxidant qualities,
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