Meditation Therapy works!

Recent studies show that regular meditation can help alleviate health issues related to stress and heart disease. A well known physician Dean Ornish treated patients with heart disease by giving them a multiple therapeutic regimen that not only included diet and exercise, but also meditation. Many studies over the years have concluded that meditation has beneficial effects for people with heart disease, stress related health issues and for people in general. Quieting the mind regularly with 20 minutes of meditation daily can do wonders for our health as well as our well being.

“… studies published in 2011 and 2012, showed that meditation reduced, and sometimes reversed, the inflammation caused by prolonged stress. These most recent studies confirmed that, by reducing stress, meditation had important health protective effects.” — From a talk given at Ananda Village, CA, written into an article by Dr. Peter Van Houten, MD. Full Article:

Finding and Connecting with Spirit Guides

I remember when I was a kid, I went to YMCA camp in the local mountains and, after several days, they invited me to a special ceremony rooted in Native American tradition. I received my leather medallion and wore it around my neck. It was profound, yet I did not quite understand the real meaning of it all. It was a ceremony to help us connect with spirit guides, who are all around us… its just that most of the time we do not realize they are there… simply because we do not see.

Spirit Guides have lived as we have, with similar challenges and experiences over many many lifetimes. Their wisdom is vast, and we can learn a great deal from them. They also want to help protect us from evil and suffering. The more we connect with them and learn to listen, the more benefit we can gain from their assistance.

For a long time I thought I might have one spirit guide, then I learned there are a whole bunch interested in helping me. One is very experienced and keen in business matters, another helps with more spiritual guidance, and it is all good and wise advice. With regular meditation and help from teachers, gurus, saints and sages, you can get more in tune with your spirit guides and receive an abundance of useful information.

A friend of mine was once on a long trip and stopped at a gas station before driving up a steep mountain. He was very much in tune with his spirit guides. He looked down at his tire and saw that it was flat, for no apparent reason. He put air in it and proceeded on his drive, only to see a very bad accident that occurred just minutes before he got there. He said it was his spirit guides protecting him.

Genuine Channelers Can Help

Another way to get familiar with your spirit guides is with the help of a genuine channeler. In such a channeling session recently, I was told by one of my spirit guides that I was protected and observed more than I was aware… that they were listening to my thoughts, concerns and requests (prayers) even when I thought they were not. What we need to learn is that they exist in higher vibrational levels than our normal daily existence. When we meditate, we can connect with them by raising our consciousness and vibration more to their level, where we can more openly receive their messages. Guidance can come in for just about anything: Should I go on a trip I have planned or cancel it because of ___? Is this relationship I have with this person toxic? Is there a reason I should continue it or should I call it off right now? What can I do to improve ______? In which direction should I go in looking for a new career…. and on and on – daily, weekly, you decide. Learn to tune in and listen.

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