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New breakthrough virus protection product Zinc-Q. Buy it in ‘shop’ above.  Top 10 products to kill viruses and infections:

A. Zinc-Q 1. Oregano Oil
2. Elderberry Sambucus 3. Olive Leaf Extract
4. Garlic Raw 5. Boneset
6. Ginseng 7. Turmeric Curcumin
8. Thyme or Peppermint Oil 9. Licorice Root    10. Lemon Balm

1. Oregano Oil

Oregano oil is our #1 choice to reverse an infection.  Its a very effective first line of defense against viruses and bacteria.  It works! Yet its very strong in its pure form, so its best to dilute it before taking, or use gel caps.  You only want to take it when you suspect you are being invaded – Not recommended for regular daily maintenance prevention.  For regular defense and maintaining good health, see Zinc-Q, 2, 4, 6 & 7 above. (Note: It is possible to take too much Zinc).

If Oregano Oil is too strong for your system, try Olive Leaf extract which is also very effective for reversing an infection in its tracks.Studies have found Oregano Oil to kill virus invaders quickly. My friends and I have used it repeatedly to quickly knock out any kind of infection when it begins its assault (it sometimes works within 20 minutes!), and you can usually notice the difference within an hour. Order here:

Here’s a study that proves it:

pdf report:

2. Elderberry Sambucus

viruses Elderberry

Elderberry is an amazing immune system aid for fighting infections including viruses.  Research has shown that it works.  The ‘Father of Medicine’, Hippocrates, called it his “medicine chest”, before the time of Christ, and it may have been cultivated much earlier in human history.  It is known as one of the world’s most healing plants today.  And guess what?  It tastes pretty good too.  It makes a great first line of defense when feeling ‘Under the Weather’. 

Easy to carry around in a mini-bottle or as gel caps,  Keep them handy everywhere you go.  When I get that run down feeling,  I take it and get some rest.  Drinking lots of good filtered water also helps.  Loaded with vitamins B, C and E, Elderberry is also known for its beneficial help with pain, sciatica, headaches and fever as well as colds and flu.

Research on Elderberry for fighting influenza flu virus:

Side Effects:  Some have reactions like allergy symptoms when taking it.  Start with a mini-dose the first time you try it, to make sure you don’t have a reaction.  Raw fresh Elderberries can have trace amounts of cyanide.  Best to use a high quality filtered syrup version.

More information:

3. Olive Leaf Extract

Great for combat against bacterial, viral and fungal infections, Olive Leaf Extract contains Oleuropein which dissolves microbes and has been used for centuries along with Olive Oil as a medicinal herb. Also, by stimulating phagocytosis, it motivates your immune system to destroy the enemy! Great against the common cold, flu, viruses including shingles viruses, and candida yeast.

Olive Leaf Extract is a great weapon against diseases to keep handy. It comes as a liquid extract in a glass bottle with a dropper. Easy to take even when on the run. Get some here:

4. Garlic Raw


Garlic was used in Ancient Egypt to help Laborers work hard and build the pyramids. The Roman Army took Garlic before battles for extra strength.  It boosts the immune system, fights the common cold, infections, viruses and parasites, and cleanses.  A health journal reported that taking garlic daily can improve overall health.  Strongest in raw form, garlic can also be purchased as a deodorized powder taken in capsule form. 

To fry a cold, or push it out after a few days of sickness, take a few fresh cloves, lightly chew for a moment to crush them up a bit, then swallow them with a glass of water. 

Raw Garlic can be found at any grocery store.

More info:

Garlic in Ancient Egypt:

5. BONESET (Eupatorium Perfoliatum)


Boneset has been used since the times of the American Indians for fever including Dengue, Influenza flu, Pneumonia, to aid digestion and detoxification through sweating.  It is very popular in Germany for combating Virus respiratory infections, viruses, including flu and the common cold, and helps bones and joints become stronger.  You can make soothing tea with it.

More info:


6. Ginseng


Ginseng has so many health benefits, it would take an entire book to try and list most of them. Its an amazing Anti-aging Immune boost and overall health booster; A daily health regimen that people around the world have been using for 1000’s of years.  Here’s a short summary:  Overall health, strength, stamina, energy and vigor, fights flu and respiratory virus, good for heart and veins, improves memory and mens libido.

There are many different strains.  The most popular are American Ginseng, originally used by the Native American Indians and still grown in the USA, which is considered high quality,  Korean Ginseng aka ‘Red Ginseng’ which is considered ‘Hot’ when compared to the others, has similar properties. Then you have Chinese and Siberian Ginseng aka Eluthero (Eleutherococcus senticosus). 

Eleuthero is not allowed to be sold as ‘Ginseng’ in the USA, and is considered a different strain with similar properties as well.  Each type of Ginseng is a bit different.  Eleuthro is generally less expensive and known as a good remedy for stress, helping the lymph system, for enhancing workouts and accelerating healing, as well as most other properties Ginseng is known for including immune system boost and increasing stamina, helping muscles and increasing bone strength.

If you aren’t sure which to try first, go with American Ginseng, which is considered high quality. Order here:

More info:


7. TURMERIC (Curcurmin, Curcuma) (‪हल्दी)  (姜黄)


Yellow Curry with Turmeric is a very tasty dish that also fights flu virus, is anti-inflammatory, good for Arthritis and mens Prostate issues. 

Used in India for cooking and as medicine for 1000’s of years, studies show a lower incidence of certain types of cancer in India and many believe it is because they eat Turmeric regularly.  Effective against infections, muscle soreness, BPH, Cancer, Arthritis and Hyperlipidemia.  Knock out a sore throat with it, by eating yellow curry (made with turmeric) or drinking it in tea. It aids in cleansing, digestions and IBS.  It is also good for the brain, and some use it on the skin.

I seek out yellow curry at local restaurants (Thai and Indian) regularly.  Eat something delicious that boosts your health at the same time!

More info:


8. Thyme or Peppermint Oil

Thymus vulgaris, or Thyme oil is an extract of the popular spice, Thyme, and is used in preventative medicine as well as a disinfectant and anti-fungal agent within and outside the body. It works within the digestive tract to ward off infections and bad bacteria. It can also help with infections of the respiratory tract.

The thymol in thyme oil helps arthritis with its anti-inflammatory properties, and improves circulation. It also boosts the immune system, helps with detoxification and, as a cicatrizant with making blemishes on the skin including acne diminish. It is also reported to work on scars.

9. Licorice Root

Used in ancient Asian medicine, Licorice Root has many benefits especially for the digestive tract, gastric ulcers, the liver and kidneys. Its anti-microbial properties can also help when used topically with skin disorders. Licorice Root and Dandelion Root are great digestion aids.


10. Lemon Balm

Known for its anti-viral properties, Lemon Balm is great for cold sores and improving sleep. It also helps with digestive disorders (and so does licorice root)


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