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Do you remember how you felt when you were 25 yrs old? We had lots of energy and the attraction between sexes would really get us excited and motivated. As you age, your hormone production in your body tapers off, peaking around 30 years old and then declining. By the time men reach 50, they are complaining about all sorts of things including less testosterone and less libido. Women go through menopause and old age begins to set in. What happened? One of the culprits is less hormone production – hormones that keep us active, motivated and energized.

Your hormones are a very complex mixture that activate all kinds of different systems in our bodies. The bottom line is, if you are older and feeling the aging symptoms of less energy, less strength, less motivation or libido, thee’s a good chance its related to your hormones tapering off. The good news is that you can feel young and strong again by taking hormone precursor herbs that help your own body produce more hormones. You can also support all those functions with supplemental amino acids. Aminos assist all those systems to work properly.

Herbs that boost hormone production include Maca root powder from Peru, Dioscorea Mexican yam, Cordycepts mushroom powder, Ginseng and the B vitamins. A favorite of athletes, Cordycepts was once a sacred food of the Emperors of China. Studies have shown that it increases strength and performance. Regular exercise also helps. Boosting your amino acids will also boost your hormones. One of the best amino acid supplements I have ever tried is ‘Perfect Aminos’ by Advanced Bionutritionals. Developed by a sports doctor, this product helps your body rejuvenate and feel younger… I know because I’ve been taking it for over a year and I feel much better when I take it. You can get some here:

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