In John Thomas’ book ‘Young Again’ he talks about keeping the body clean to stop toxins from damaging the body before disease sets in. The main idea behind anti-aging is to keep your body as healthy as possible every day, before things get out of hand. Ultimately this requires a multi-faceted regimen which includes regular exercise, a healthy diet, working with herbs and supplements, regular cleanses, a proper mental attitude, and rejuvenation of tissue.

You can get John Thomas’ book here:

I’ve been an anti-ager for 30 years and yes, it does work. You can can remain healthy, strong and feeling good well into your senior years. When something begins to challenge my ideal of feeling great, staying active and healthy, I find out through research, herbal remedy stores, friends and books how to turn the condition around. Here’s an example:

I’ve had a sensitive low back issue since I was 30 years old ( a long time ago). I went to chiropractors for years who told me I had to be careful, stop lifting heavy things and get my back adjusted weekly so I wouldn’t get any worse, or I would be in regular pain possibly for the rest of my life…. and they were right to a certain extent. Then I found a chiropractor who said he could help me regenerate some of the damaged cartilage in my low back by taking supplements he would prescribe and with his regular treatment combined. I was intrigued. He sold me about 3 products to take regularly while we continued treatment. The products included a mineral supplement and something like Chondroitin with Glucosamine or MSN.

Six months later, my back was definitely better. It felt stronger and I didn’t need his adjustments as often to stay out of pain. That strange, weak ‘out of joint’ feeling in my low back had gone away. I continued taking those products and still take MSN, Chondroitin and Minerals for my back and knees.

Here’s a really good mineral supplement for cartilage and bones called BoneUp:

The tricky part is to stay away from heavy lifting once you feel better, and to use a back support belt when doing physical work. Once you get better, you might be tempted to test your new strength, show off and do the stupid things you did before, which led to the problem in the first place. (Like helping friends move their furniture and boxes – don’t do it!)

More recently I’ve also been able to reverse the degradation of my knees with age. For many years I could not run more than a mile before my knees would start hurting from worn out cartilage. With the help of some new breakthrough products, and continuing with many of the herbs I have taken for years, I can now run over two miles without any knee pain. My goal is 3. Hows that for beating the aging process when many others my age are slowing down, don’t play sports any more, and are wondering how soon it will be before they need a cane to walk or even a wheelchair.

There are many factors that contribute to aging. Its a very complicated process, yet much of it lies in the simple practices of exercise (vs lack of) diet, cleansing and detoxification, and taking supplements that help the body heal and rejuvenate itself. Here’s another great anti-aging book:

Now in this modern age we have many many great new breakthrough products that truly reverse aging, by working with mitochondria, stem cells and genetics. There are supplements that boost our own stem cell production, which allows tissue to re-grow new cells. Others that help repair damaged genes and more being discovered each year. We are now in an age where you do not have to grow old!! Our monthly newsletter will publish many of these new findings in the near future. You can sign up here. For more information see Amino Acids to Feel Younger.

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